CRACKED is an evidence-based documentary film (or potentially a documentary series) that investigates the relationship between food addiction and stress and the impact they have on our physical and mental health.


We’re all trying to do the best we can in today’s busy society, but sometimes we come to rely on unhealthy crutches to get us through our days. We drink caffeine in the morning to wake up and alcohol in the evening to wind down. Carbohydrate-rich foods offer an irresistible, quick pick me up, but their effects are fast to fade. Slowly our weight starts creeping up and our energy starts to wane, but the changes are often so gradual we don’t really notice how unwell we’ve become, like the frog in a pot of water being heated on the stove. Our lack of vitality becomes our new normal and we just accept it and get on with life. Many people go on like this for years, or even decades. But the reality is that our unhealthy lifestyles will eventually catch up with us, potentially in the form of life-altering diseases such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease, or even cancer.


The problem is, many of us already know this. We know we need to change. But more often than not, change is hard.


We’ve never been better informed about the impact of sugary, salty processed foods on our health, so why do we struggle with giving up the foods that cause us so much harm? Why can’t we just kick the habit?


Dietary risks have now surpassed smoking as the leading factor for global disease burden. We must do more to reduce the number of people who are being admitted to hospital for conditions that could have been avoided.


Chronic disease can lead to many people living with illness, pain and restrictions in activity over many years, and can reduce a person’s ability to engage in work and in the community.


Most young people aren’t thinking about dementia, heart disease and diabetes. “That will never happen to me,” they say. But what we do now in our 20s and 30s can have a big impact on our health in our later years.


Let’s help young people to understand why they shouldn’t wait for a health crisis before they choose to overhaul their health. The time to start is now!