Arcare’s ‘relational’ approach to care

02 Oct, 15 Arcare’s ‘relational’ approach to care

|  Aged Care Guide  |  2 October 2015  |

A film about Australian aged care provider, Arcare, has been co-produced by medical, health and wellbeing video production company, Fire Films, and sociologist/photographer, Professor Cathy Greenblat, and forms part of her upcoming project, ‘Side by Side: Love and Joy in Long Term Dementia Care’.
It Takes a Community  highlights some of the major steps forward in long term residential dementia care facilities.
The film, captured and edited by Corinne Maunder of Fire Films, aims to highlight some of the major steps forward in long term residential dementia care, in selected aged care communities around the world, that are choosing to approach aged care in a forward thinking and inspirational way to empower residents and enable them to continue to actively participate in life.
On seeing the film, Dr Richard Taylor, an author and retired psychologist, commented: “This is what purpose in people’s lives looks like, sounds like, feels like. This is a staff and community where they serve and help create giving and receiving respect, enabling a mutual support and love of each other, themselves, and living.”
Arcare’s ‘relational’ approach involves dedicated staffing – a model that requires staff to commit to working regular shifts with the exact same elders every time they come to work so that strong relationships can develop.
Dr Allen Power, a certified internist, geriatrician, author and educator from America, is a strong believer of the importance of relationships in care.
He is encouraging of Arcare’s methods, saying that their “initiative has led to amazing outcomes”.
Marie Sheahan, from the Charles Sturt University, says: “This shows what can be done and how enriching care work can and should be. Through relational work in elder and dementia care a whole new paradigm of practice is emerging. Transformative, inspirational and essential.”
Arcare is honoured to be recognised by global experts in ageing for their relational approach and dedicated staffing model. They are especially proud to be able to contribute to raising the standards of aged care and dementia care globally.
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