The vision of the Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015-2019 is for ‘a Victoria free of the avoidable burden of disease and injury so that all Victorians can enjoy the highest attainable standards of health, wellbeing, and participation at every age’.


At Fire Films we’re committed to helping our partners – most often health service providers, government departments and medical technology companies – work towards achieving this ambitious vision, both in Australia and throughout the world.


Our approach to filmmaking is very observational and true to life. We’re documentarians, sharing stories of real people in an honest way, capturing genuine moments as they happen. We believe it’s this authenticity that creates such meaningful connections with our audiences.


We’re based in Melbourne, Australia and we also work regularly with people and organisations interstate and internationally.



Producer / Director / Founder


Corinne’s an exceptional storyteller with the ability to carefully craft thought-provoking films that affect people’s hearts. Many of her films and educational videos have been widely acclaimed both in Australia and internationally, and have contributed to driving change and major cultural shifts in both large organisations and the wider community.


She started her first video production business in 2003 at the age of 19, and today has shaped that company into Fire Films. Along the way she honed her storytelling and production skills in the Australian television drama industry, working in the camera department on top rating shows such as Rush, City Homicide, Stingers, Offspring, Winners and Losers, Underbelly, The Pacific, and more.


Corinne is also a sought-after speaker and has presented several of her films at workshops, film screenings, and conferences. In 2017 she delivered a workshop on the effective use of video for dementia awareness and education at the Alzheimer’s Disease International conference in Japan.


Director / Post Producer


Jimmy is an award-winning director and post producer who loves being at the forefront of new concepts and technology. He’s an ideas man, the one who comes up with interesting new angles and creative solutions.


Back in 2006, the same year that YouTube launched, Jimmy created Melbourne’s first weekly online TV show for Beat Magazine. He now specialises in delivering both long and short form online content and is a respected member of the Adobe Influencer Team.



Your ability to pick up on a theme in such a short time and produce such an emotive piece of film is a testament to your talent and creativity.


I have worked with many directors and crews in the past producing training packages for aged care and none have matched the impact and feeling that is generated from this film.


‘Finding the Why’ affects people’s hearts, which has a greater impact and chance of changing a culture, than working on the head. This film meets both components.


Colin McDonnell, former Care Services Manager, Starrett Lodge, Uniting

‘It Takes a Community’ offers so much enrichment to our teaching resources and I believe it will truly inspire students to embrace relational work and challenge the medical model in aged care.


The film challenges our beliefs in ways that words cannot and gives such strong legitimacy to advocates for change. I must also say the images are so sensitively rendered, so beautiful and moving.


Marie Sheahan, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University

As a not-for-profit organisation we’re always mindful of effective resource allocation. Corinne’s advice, professionalism and creative ideas enabled us to make the most of our resources and I’m thrilled with the end product. Easy to work with, creative, responsive and respectful.


Josh Fergeus, former CEO, Asbestoswise

Your dedication, professionalism and compassion during production, particularly when interviewing people living with dementia and their carers was inspiring.


Your passion for and commitment to understanding the subject matter was evident at every stage of the process. We are incredibly proud of the film, ‘Love Loss and Laughter: Living with Dementia’.


We would like to thank Corinne and her team for their efforts in making it happen. We definitely look forward to working with Fire Films again in the future.


Maree McCabe, National CEO, Dementia Australia

Corinne is really gifted – more so than any filmmaker I’ve come across – and a pleasure to work with. Our first encounter came when I was the main subject of a film she was making. A few months later I asked her to work with me on two long term projects.


What began as her small contribution to an eventual endeavor turned into two major immediate productions thanks to her insight, intelligence, talent, and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to have another opportunity to work with her and learn from her again.


Cathy Greenblat, Professor Emerita of Sociology, Rutgers University, USA and Independent Photographer/Author